St. Louis will have an incredible future because it will have the strongest pool of engineers and entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Making the Future

All students in St. Louis will have access to high-paying, fulfilling, and creative jobs, whether that be at the companies they go to work for or at the companies they launch on their own.  


Opportunity by design. 

We teach young people how to design and build incredible products. Our pipeline of high-tech talent leads to thriving employment and educational outcomes for our students, and an extraordinary future for our city.



At school, many students are asked to memorize facts and then regurgitate them on multiple-choice tests.  The role of technology therefore takes a backseat; not used to create and communicate, but instead used to consume.  Few schools are actively encouraging students to learn how to code, design products, or become entrepreneurs. Because of this, our schools are not generating enough high-tech talent to meet the needs of industry in St. Louis.



The Disruption Department is developing a pipeline for high-tech talent in St. Louis by offering the opportunity for every student in St. Louis to become a Maker. To be a Maker is to be a problem solver, a critical thinker, a techie, and one who appreciates that the process of creating a prototype, testing, and implementing feedback into your design is just as important as the final product. 


Disruption Department