#Fail often

Last night, we did a small pitch for a CNC mill for our first hackdays in February.  We shared our story with a group of 70 or so artists, designers and entrepreneurs at Sump coffee in St. Louis.  I did my best.  I tried to do by the community. I tried to do the best for our students, who I knew were relying on me to do my best. 

I waited all day long for the results to come in, hopefully declaring us the winning vote getter for the ~700 pot of money.

But we lost. 

And it hurt.

For like 10 seconds. 

Then I moved on to telling our story better. And telling it to more people.  

"The whole city should be our school" I told the group last night. 

And after feeling the consuming energy that comes after failing.  The feeling you get when you want to dust yourself off and kick butt for the next time.  

We're ready to get better.  Andrew and I have been refining our vision for Hack Day since 5PM. 

Our kids need this lesson in order to thrive.

Losing hurts, but regretting not trying hurts deeper. 

Start today.  Start often.  Suck.  Repeat.  


Disruption Department