Hack Day #2 - "It's Electric"

Our 2nd Hackday is in the books. We convened at 3rd Degree Glass at noon and began our work, staying until around five after playing some electronic basketball and having our first "retrospective" meeting with each other. Fellows started the day chatting over pizza, and quickly moved to a challenge that many MIT graduates can't complete. Then the fellows tried their hand at the soldering iron, quickly picking up basic techniques that allowed them to solder a Make Badge

Afterwards, we started prototyping simple circuits using Phet's Circuit Construction Kit, gradually building understanding to more complex ones, like operating two lights independently with two switches from the same battery source. After understanding how their electronics moved through a circuit, they started this month's challenges, which included replicating the circuit from PHET in the real world, using two different types of switches to operate light bulbs. 


From there, students had everything they needed to start designing their own games.  We had three tables worth of junk that could be put to use. We worked at first with a simple design process of Discovery (what's the challenge?), Interpretation (what does it mean?), Ideation (What do I create?), Experimentation (how do I build it?), and Evolution (how do I make it better?).

We prototyped, tested, and iterated. And before everyone left, we got to play!

Afterwards, we held our first "retrospective" meeting, where we whipped around answers to three questions: 1.) What went well? 2.) What didn't go well? 3.) How can we make next month better together?  It was great to learn from each other about how these days are evolving, making sure everyone is getting the most out of the days as possible.  Looking forward to April!

You can see the rest of the pictures on our Flicker account.  

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