ANNOUNCING: Permanent DD Makerspace at GCAA

Students at Grand Center Arts Academy (GCAA) will have a very unique opportunity when school resumes this August. Entering the school’s library, they will see a very happy Andrew Goodin surrounded by a variety of planning, prototyping, and creative materials, which are all part of GCAA’s new permanent Makerspace.

Describing the new "ideation lab," Disruption Department co-founder and Makerspace coordinator Goodin says, “Students will be utilizing Design Thinking to develop innovative solutions to problems they’ve identified in their school and community.” The space takes up 2/3 of the school's library and will be available throughout the day for students to dabble in engineering, design, and programming projects through open-ended, creative exploration. 


DT Flowchart.jpg

This Design Thinking Process, developed by IDEO and Stanford’s d.School, requires designers to address problems by 1) empathizing with individuals facing the situation, 2) defining the problem or challenge, 3) ideating potential solutions, 4) prototyping posited solutions, 5) and then testing these solutions in the lab as well as the real world. By teaching students how to use Design Thinking, Goodin intends to allow them to develop a logical set of steps to undergo that directs their creativity.

To learn more about GCAA’s Makerspace and follow Goodin's maiden voyage as program coordinator, visit Goodin’s blog, follow the Makerspace on Twitter, or check out photos on the Makerspace’s Instagram account.

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