Supporting Great Ideas

President Obama explores Sylvia's station at the White House Science Fair. 

Image credit: Super-Awesome Sylvia's blog

Super-Awesome Sylvia – as her online alias suggests – is really super-awesome. At 12-years-old, she has met President Obama, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Star Trek actor Levar Burton, and that was in just one week last April. She has her own online show in which viewers can learn how to make everything from robotic pets to screen prints. And what’s more, she is an entrepreneur and has invented a watercolor printing robot that is currently halfway into her Kickstarter campaign and is funded well past the $50,000 goal required to make it a commercially available product.

Sylvia is an exceptional girl full of creativity, charisma, and a go-get-it attitude that is very admirable. She also sets a precedent for makers everywhere and demonstrates what is possible for anyone willing to try and improve themselves and their world everyday. She demonstrates not only how to make robots and artwork, but also how to create a community of mutual support that she draws from to make her brilliant ideas a reality.

Like Sylvia, The Disruption Department collaborates with a community of makers to empower St. Louis youth, create cool things, and have a great time every step of the way. We are incredibly grateful for the support and investment we have received from the community that have made our ideas a reality.   And as a young organization, we have a lot to learn from Sylvia so that we can help students find their own creativity, charisma, and go-get-it attitude.

If you would like to support young makers in St. Louis, you can contribute to the Grand Center Arts Academy Makerspace grant fund. By contributing to this fund, you can help provide a grant of $100 each week of the school year that makes a student’s product possible. Every young maker has the potential to be like Super-Awesome Sylvia, and we can make it possible with the right encouragement and support.

Also, be sure to check out Sylvia's WaterColorBot below. 

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