Making a Space for Success

Ms. DeSmet lets her students know how valuable they are.  

Going back to school is often a nerve-racking experience for teachers and students at every level. As Lauren Hollingsworth, social studies teacher at Lee’s Summit North High School, put it, “Every year is different because your students are your coworkers. You see them everyday and they really do determine how the year feels.” We at The Disruption Department are excited to see how the year unfolds and would like to congratulate teachers everywhere on kicking the year off right.  

The’s guide to creating spaces that foster innovation and productivity Make Space points out that learning, creativity, and collaboration starts with space. While a teacher’s “coworkers” definitely determine the year, designing a great space to learn will set the tone for incredible success in the coming year.

We would like to highlight one of our very own disruptors, Allie DeSmet, and the work she’s put into making her classroom a place where students feel empowered, creative, and valuable. Check out her great kindergarten Make Space below.

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