Daily Disruptions Update

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Over the past month, we've hunted down articles about awesome innovations in biology, computer science, engineering, design, and education. We have done this because we are constantly seeking out others’ incredible accomplishments so that we can not only draw inspiration them, but also encourage students throughout St. Louis to learn to research, create, and share like these estimable figures from around the world. What's more, we wanted to share others' great ideas with you. 

However, we got to thinking: We have amazing talent, effort, and achievements in our city as well. Rather than rely on journalists covering stories from MIT, CERN, and Johns Hopkins, we’d like to direct our attention to what’s going on at Soldan, Wash U, and T-REx. Now, we need you to help us share the incredible work you are doing in the St. Louis community. We are encouraging Disruptors in education and business to reach out to us so we can highlight your everyday accomplishments, featuring a picture and a brief statement about your work via Twitter and Google+ that demonstrates how what you do is exceptional. Every Friday, we'll provide more information of the four noted Disruptors that week here on our blog, sharing your great work with St. Louis so that others may connect with you and become inspired by you.

If you would like your classroom, school, or business to be featured among our Daily Disruptions, please, contact Greg Hill or Brad Cameron via email. And we would like to thank you for playing a part in making St. Louis great.

Disruption Department