Springboard MakerSpace in Residence

More about Springboard, a phenomenal organization and our MakerSpace in Residence Program partner.

In partnership with Springboard, The Disruption Department would like to proudly announce our new MakerSpace in Residence Program made possible by Energizer. During a workshop Tuesday (9/3), Andrew Goodin and Greg Hill discussed the importance of learning through creation and then led artists from the St. Louis community through the Stanford School of Design’s Design Thinking Crash Course. Afterward, Goodin and Hill discussed how participating artists can implement the Design Thinking process in classrooms so students can begin critically thinking about their communities, what products they can make that will improve where they live, how to design these products, and then how to continue improving what they.

These artists will now serve as teacher-artists in residence within area schools and will conduct 7 training sessions with students in the coming weeks. We’re very excited to see what incredible products students within our community make, which will be displayed in a community Maker Faire in the coming months.

If you would like your school to participate in the 7 training sessions, you can apply here.

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